The who, what, when, and where of Julybalaya

What is Julybala?


*noun* joo/lie/ba/lie/a

: a revolution of artists making music for the sake of passion and creativity
: an annual music festival held by and for independent artists as a means of enriching souls and spirits
: a raging two day party at which everyone you want to be friends with is overcome with joy
: a platform for fans to get a sneak peak at the bands of New York that are the "next big thing" (see next big thing)

next big thing

*noun* neck/stbig/thing
: (see julybalaya )

Why can't I just buy tickets online?

This may seem a bit unusual, but Julybalaya will not be distributing tickets in the traditional way. (This is Brooklyn, after all ;)

This festival is about putting the power back in the hands of the artists performing and giving them the chance to connect with their communities and fans (thats you!) What that means is that the best way to get tickets to our awesome festival is to actually connect with one or several of the bands you'd like to see. Their links are all over our website, and for your convenience we have a calendar detailing when and where they will be playing in the area leading up to the festival. Each band has been allotted a number of tickets which they can distribute as they see fit! Some bands might give them away, some might sell them, some might trade them, etc. The idea is that each artist is in control of their own value. Once the bands have exhausted their supply, we will post tickets for sale here on the site. But chances are they will be pricier than the ones you could have gotten by rocking out at a show with some great musicians.

It might seem crazy, but this is something I am extremely passionate about. I may not be able to change the world just yet, but I can set an example by starting in my own neighborhood. This is where I rock, raise my daughter, and call my home. Lets go Brooklyn!

About the Event

It’s no secret that the music industry is changing. The business knows it, the fans know it, and we know it. Julybalaya is our way of choosing to change with it rather than chase after it. So many talented musicians and artists are waiting in line to be given the chance to share their work, and are constantly forced to compete with one another for the rare exciting opportunities out there.

Julybalaya is a festival created by and for artists. By hand-selecting the bands we believe to be the best of the up and coming New York pool of talent, we are working to create a family of musicians that support one another and grow together. We believe this difference will be felt by everyone involved- including you- the fans! Our artists have all volunteered to play this show without monetary incentive, meaning they are doing it for the love of the music. By doing so, they are helping to build the foundation of what we hope will be a mobile, annual rager of a music party.

Our goal is to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships between musicians, artists, the community, and relevant sponsor companies.

No middle men. No politics. Just art.


About The Venue

Long term, Julybalaya will change venues and even cities. In this way, the festival will grow, becoming more diverse and powerful with each passing year.

That said, for our kick-off show, it was important to us that the venue be one that is artist-driven and focused on building something epic, from the ground up. We are so grateful and proud to present Julybalaya 2015 at The Kymberly Project, located in the heart of Brooklyn. For some detail on this venue- a word from Kymberly herself:

Coming Soon: Comments from

The Kymberle Project

How can I help?

Thinking we can use as many hands helping out as possible? You’re right. There are a ton of ways you can contribute. The easiest way is telling as many people as you can about Julybalaya. The bands are volunteering to play this show, and the best payment they can get is genuine music-loving fans. That said, we will also need a ton of help with the logistics, and are currently seeking volunteers to help with organization, ticket selection and security. If you’re interested, shoot us an email at

Food and Drink

At Julybalaya, you will definitely be dancing your little buns off. This can work up quite an appetite! Here’s a list of all the awesome food and beverages that will be available:

Low on cash? No problem. The following companies love music as much as we do, and will be hosting free happy hours throughout the festival:

Filming and Recording

Even great things must come to an end. If you come to the show and you love something, we fully encourage you to video, photograph and share the crap out of everything you think is awesome. Show your friends, put on youtube, or just hang on to it for review at a later date when you want to relive the Julybalaya experience. If you have ants in your pants and want a sneak peak, be sure to keep up with our pre-show documentary about the bands, the process, and the beginning of our revolution. You can watch it here on: Our YouTube.


We partner up with different kinds of businesses. We always consider whether a potential partner can help make the festival even better for the audience and if they can manage the type of business needed. We join forces with partners in areas such as food, communication, clothes, service and NGO’s.

Press and Media

Here you will find information about Roskilde Festival for use in connection with your media coverage of Julybalaya.

Julybalaya is covered by about local and various East Coast media journalists, reporting for newspapers, television channels, blogs and many other types of media from all over New York, New Jersey, Conneticutt and more.

Artist contact:
We can even assist you in arranging interviews with the performing artists. Also you can refer to the artists own labels or management. A list of all relevant contacts and emails will be made available on this page when the full line-up is announced.

Fun Facts!

  1. The name JULYBALAYA is credited to Stephen Higgens.
  2. An estimated 2 million people came out to watch this year’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in NYC. And a parade is basically just people walking. How many people will come out to watch New York’s best talent share a stage for 2 days?