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Jenny Carrington



JulyBalaya (bah-lie-ah) got its name at the intersection of the traditional dish jambalaya – a mash-up of diverse foods and cultures – and the celebration of July 4th. This event is about intentionally shaping a new generation marked by interdependence. By using art as the language of unity, we believe that we can all be agents of change toward our collective evolution, starting with youth. We want to create a marketplace for the freedom of thought and expression and to rebuild local and global solidarity through aesthetics.

This “glocal” change model will permeate throughout the festival. It starts by recognizing and supporting musicians of all genres and from all cultures and heritages that are fueled by love. This event will further give a stage to the broader spectrum of traditional and performance artists to share their passions with the community.

Finally, the entire event itself is uniquely tied into the “physical arts” in a way that a festival has never been before. Via a one-of-a-kind admission bracelet, entrance to the festival alone will be providing holistic health opportunities (including nutrition and fitness education) both to all attendees and to populations considered “at-risk” in the local community through targeted programming and services.

JulyBalaya-WEST T.R.O.P.E.S. T.R.O.P.E.S.

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